Tutoriales Pc

Tutoriales Pc Start of picking your favorite tricks which are useful for beginners and professionals, easy to accomplish, and are something unique that you never seen in other tutorial websites, it's always great to share your knowledge with other people. They will appreciate your hard work and effort.

Start off by searching the tutorial for your tutorial name or the trick you are going to use, to see if your idea is already published. If there was no tutorial for your trick then it's your turn to teach. Try your first trick Look at the different ways Find the shortcuts for your steps, because most professionals prefer shorts instead of going menu to menu. If you provide shortcuts, then also provide both PC & MAC shockouts If you are not sure about some shortcuts, then look at Adobe Help.

Your next important step is to try Tutorial Thumbnails appear with your tutorial, they show what your tutorial is about "One picture is worth 1000 words". And also most of the users are drawn into the tutorials psychically with nice looking professional thumbnails, so you should work hard on creating your thumbnail and selecting the best result of your tutorial for your thumbnail, do not use plain text or pictures for your thumbnails, without Effects, it makes your tutorial types useless Make sure you resize your thumbnails to 40-45 pixels height & width, JPEG, GIF format or they will not accept. It's always a good idea to export your thumbnails to both GIF and Jpeg formats, because of different submission policies in different Tutorial websites

Your next step is naming your tutorial, pick descriptive words for your title, which explores your tutorial or technique in 2 or 3 words. Remember, your title should be competitive, which will be your users. It works just like your website's Title. Submissions after your tutorial's titles, so it's your best title to choose from. Do not go more then 4 words

Your next step Your description should be included in your tutorial, include information about what technology you are going to use, how it will be useful to your visitors and if there are specific requirements for your tutorial, like: version, plug-in , etc. Keep your steps in one or two sentences
Choose the best matched category for your tutorial, Tutoriales Pc  you will be accepted if your tutorial is not submitted to your tutorial. If you are not sure about the category, look inside each category to find similar tutorials. If you are still not sure, please email the webmaster of the website to ask for a new tutorial category or suggestions about which category your tutorial is submitted.
Always include your website name with a URL index of your website when you submit your tutorial. Do not forget to put a link to your tutorials in your tutorial pages, this will be your older tutorials to viewers and it will be useful for them. Most of the viewers read more tutorials from websites they are referred.

Another trick to get more hits is by providing html code for your visitors that they can use to link to your website or your tutorials. Keeping and submitting tutorials, every website that links to your tutorial sends around 2,000 viewers on the first day and about 200-300 viewers month at least after that So, every tutorial is guaranteed 200 users from every website that links to it. You can also hire tutorial writers for your website or ask friends to write tutorials for your website if you do not have the time or resources. Good Luck!